Instructions: Parachute PMD

Tying Instructions: Parachute PMD

1. Attach thread and apply a small thread mound at hook bend.
Step One
2. Tie in 6-10 hackle fibers for the tail, one length of hook shank. The thread mound will splay the hackle fibers when the thread is tightened behind the mound. Wrap the butt ends of the hackle fibers to the 2/3 position of the shank and trim off the tag ends..
Step Two
3. Tie in a 1/4" section of Turkey Flats for a wingpost at the 2/3 position. Keep the tips of the flat aligned. Wing should be about the length of the hook shank.
Step Three
4. Trim off the butt ends by lifting and cutting the butt ends at an angle.and secure with thread wraps. Apply a couple of wraps beneath the wing to lift it up and secure against the butt wraps.
Step Four
5. Use a bundled fiber post method to bring the wingpost upright. You should put about 6 wraps in front of the bundle, followed with 4-5 wraps around the base of the wingpost for hackle support. A few wraps around the wingpost base and the shank will secure the position. Step Five
6. Wrap the thread back to the tail tie-in position, just in front of the thread mound.
Step Six
7. Apply a small amount of dubbing around the thread to wrap an abdomen. Apply a thinner amount of dubbing closest to the tail so you can achieve a tapered abdomen.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the dubbing forward, creating a thinnly tapered body up to the wingpost.
Step Eight
9. Tie in one light ginger hackle at the hackle butt in front of the wingpost at the shank facing you. The hackle should have the concave side of the hackle facing away from the wingpost. Put a couple of wraps around the hacklestem and shank to secure.
10. Apply some thread wraps around the hackle and the wingpost securing them together. Also secure the butt end of the hackle to the hook shank behind the eye. Trim any butt material that extends to the eye. Step Ten
11. Apply some additional dubbing around the shank at the base of the wingpost. This should be built up larger than the abdomen.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap the hackle 4-5 turns around the wingpost proceeding in a downwards direction. Bring the hackle tip over the hook eye and underneath the thread. Bringing the thread over the hackle tip will lock the hackle into place. If you keep the bobbin tip close to the hook shank behind the eye, you can wrap thread around the shank to lock in this tip without capturing the parachute hackle fibers.
Step Twleve
13. Trim the hackle tip and apply some additional thread wraps behind the eye. Whip Finish or apply some half hitches with a Half Hitch Tool..
Step Thirteen

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