Instructions: Parachute Hopper

Tying Instructions: Parachute Hopper

1. Clip a patch of calf tail, clean the fuzz and even the tips in a stacker. Measure the tips to be 1/2 the shank length and tie down about 1/4 the length behind the eye.
Step One
2. Use thread wraps to bring the calf hair upright with 10 turns up the wingpost at the base and back to the bottom. Clip the wingpost butt ends and secure with thread wraps.
Step Two
3. Tie in the body yarn and an antron yarn rib at the end of the butts. Secure both of the yarns with thread wraps to the hook bend forming an even underbody.
Step Three
4. Bring the thread back to the wingpost base. Twist the body yarn and wrap back to the wingpost forming a segmented body. Tie off at the wingpost.
Step Four
5. Wrap the antron yarn ribbing forward between the segments. Secure the ribbing in front of the body but do not clip.
Step Five
6. Tie in a pair of Mottled Turkey Feather segments at the base of the wingpost.
Step Six
7. Clip 2 sets of 3-4 Pheasant Tail fibers and knot them near the ends. Tie one leg on each side of the hook shank behind the wing post.
Step Seven
8. Select a grizzly Hackle with the fibers 2x the hook gap and attach the hackles by the butt ends behind the wingpost with the dull side down.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the antron yarn around the wingpost to build up a thorax and secure on front of the wingpost with two wraps.
Step Nine
10. Wind the hackle counterclockwise 5-6 turns around the wingpost going down the wingpost each turn. Tie off the hackle tip in front of the wingpost and clip. Holding the hackle fibers back, wrap the untwisted yarn forward to the hook eye.
Step Ten
11. Tie off and clip the antron yarn. Create a thread head and whip finish.
Step Eleven

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