Instructions: Peeking Caddis

Tying Instructions: Peeking Caddis

1. Wrap lead wire around the hook shank, securing with thread.
Step One
2. Attach a piece of tinsel ribbing to a tie-in position just at the start of the bend of the hook. Secure the ribbing with thread wraps up to the end of the lead wraps. Bring the thread back to the bend of the hook and dub with Hare's Mask.
Step Two
3. Wrap the dubbing forward building a tapered and thick body to just past the midpoint of the hook shank.
Step Three
4. Wrap the ribbing forward with 3-4 four evenly spaced wraps. Trim the tag end and secure with thread wraps.
Step Four
5. Wrap a contrasting fur about two turns , the same thickness of the case. Attach 10-12 partridge fibers in front of the dubbed thorax. The length of the partridge fibers should just read the hook point.
Step Five
6. Attach an Ostrich herl and wrap 6-7 times. Trim the tag.
Step Six
7. Wrap a thread head and Whip Finish.
Step Seven

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