Instructions: Perfection Perch

Tying Instructions: Perfection Perch

1. Secure the hook to the vise and attach the thread just behind the eye. Lay a foundation to about 1/2 the shank length.
Step One
2. Invert the hook and attach a portion of the Diamond Hair to the bottom of the hook shank. The material comes as long strands, so fold the material until it's folded length is abouit twice the length of the hook. The material is attached within it's center with a couple of wraps.
Step Two
3. Bring the forward loop of material backwards and secure with some additional thread wraps keeping the material flowing back over the curve of the hook.
Step Three
4. Attach a second wad of Diamond Hair just in front of the first wad.
Step Four
5. Bring the front loop of material back over the curve of the hook and secure with additional thread wraps. Step Five
6. Now, rotate the hook back to it's normal upright position and secure another wad to the top of the hook shank just in front of the second wad. Step Six
7. Bring the forward loop of material back over the rear and secure with some thread wraps. Note that you still have about 1/4 of the shank length clear of material. Step Seven
8. Attach a wad of Minnow Hair to the shank just in front of the Diamond Hair. The minnow hair shouild be waded together to form a piece that is about one shank length in size and attached at it's center with some thread wraps.. Step Eight
9. Bring the forward part of the wad along the side of the shank facing you, positioning the other loop along the back side of the shank. Secure with some thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Apply a darker color of Diamond Hair, in this pattern Olive/Tan, just in front of the Minnow Hair to the top of the shank. This wad of material should be over twice the length of the hook.
Step 10
11. Bring the Diamond Hair back over the top of the shank and secure with thread wraps. Finish the head with thread wraps and secure with a whip finish.
Step Eleven
12. Set the fly onto a flat surface. The looped material can be broken by brushing the material with a stiff wire brush.
Step Twelve
13. Trim the hair to form the shape you desire. With this pattern the material is tapered to the bend of the hook to give a full body that hides the hook. Step Thirteen
14. Apply some epoxy to the head wraps and the Minnow Hair that forms the head of the baitfish pattern. Take care as to not get any epoxy around the eye of the hook. Step Fourteen
15. Attach a couple of stick-on holographic eyes to each side of the head and secure the eyes with an additional layer of Acrylic such as Sally's Hard as Nails. Step Fifteen
16. The finished fly. Step Sixteen

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