Instructions: Fox's Poopah

Tying Instructions: Fox's Poopah

1. Secure the hook in the vise. Make sure that the point of the hook protrudes from the vise. Attach the thread to the shank behind the eye about 2 eyelengths back.
Step One
2. Attach a wire ribbing to the bottom of the hook shank starting where you attached the thread.
Step Two
3. Secure the wire ribbing to the bend of the hook above the barb. This is known as the "Tail tie-in position". It is the position where the shank ends and the bend of the hook begins. If you hang your bobbin thread, the thread should be in the midpoint of the barb.
Step Three
4.At this location, attach Pearlescent Tinsel securing the tinsel along the side of the shank about a third of the way up the hook shank.
Step Four
5. Wrap the thread back up the shank about one third shank length behind the eye. This is the position which you will secure the tinsel, vernille, and ribbing. Step Five
6. Wrap the tinsel forward with overlapping wraps and secure with thread wraps. Try to keep all of the wraps smooth and evenly-spaced.
Step Six
7.Cut a piece of vernille about 1 1/2 the hook length. Singe the tip of the vernille with some flame or heat to create a tapered point.
Step Seven
8. Attach the piece with thread wraps in the same location that you secured the mylar. The tip of the vernille extends just beyond the bend.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the gold wire ribbing forward with 4-5 wraps and secure where the vernille was secured with thread wraps. When wrapping the ribbing, keep the tension uniform and do not allow the vernille to slip to the side.
Step Nine
10. Attach two fibers of woodduck for antennae. First locate the length of fibers you want from the feather. They will get smaller as you go towards the tip. Snip the tip of the feather off above where these fibers are located and fold the lower fibers back until the last two fibers are isolated. This will allow you to secure the stem of the feather to the top of the shank just behind the eye. Bring thread wraps back over the two fibers so that the thread secures the fibers themselves to the top of the shank. Trim off the rest of the feather and secure the tag end with thread wraps. Step Ten
11. Place a partridge feather, with the center cut out, under the shank behind the eye. Adjust the fibers, which represent legs, so that they just extend to the hook point.
Step Eleven
12. Secure with thread wraps and trim off the tag end.
Step Twelve
13. Attach 2 strands of Ostrich Herl, securing the strands as close to the vernille body as possible. Remove the fibers from the butt ends of the Ostrich herls to secure the material cleanly to the shank.
Step Thirteen
14. Wrap the Ostrich Herl forward about 2-3 turns and secure with thread wraps. Leave enough room to wrap a thread head. Trim off the tag of the Ostrich herl and secure with some thread wraps. Whip Finish.

Step Fourteen

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