Instructions: Poxyback Nymph, PMD

Tying Instructions: Poxyback Nymph, PMD

1. Wrap lead weight around the shank about 5-6 times in the thorax region just behind the eye. Secure with thread wraps and wrap the thread back to just above the barb.
Step One
2. Select three Pheasant Tail fibers and even the tips. Separating the fibers and changing the order will help keep the fibers from interlocking.
Step Two
3. Tie in the 3 Pheasant Tail Fiber tips for a tail, length about 1/2 shank. Splay the fibers with a wrap underneath the fibers.
Step Three
4. Tie in a piece of Pearl Krystalflash ribbing at base of tail and a narrow segment of turkey tail that is about 4 fibers in width.
Step Four
5. Apply the dubbing blend to the thread and lock in the first fibers of the dubbing to the hook shank with a tight wrap. This anchor placement will allow you to twist the dubbing tighter around the thread.
Step Five
6. Dub a tapered abdomen up to the midpoint of the shank and secure with some thread wraps.
Step Six
7. Bring the turkey segment over the abdomen for a shellback, securing with a couple of thread wraps.
Step Seven
8. Spiral wrap of the krsytalflash up to the thorax region and secure with a couple of tight thread wraps within the thorax region. Trim off the tag end of the shellback and the Krystalflash.
Step Eight
9. Attach a section of Dark Mottled Turkey tail that is about the width of the hook gape for a wingcase at the top of the hook shank behind the eye. Secure with thread wraps over the thorax region. Tie in some fibers of tan marabou to both sides of the hook shank at the base of the thorax and adjust the length of the fibers so that they do not exceed the length of the abdomen.
Step Nine
10. Secure with thread wraps.
Step Ten
11. Apply dubbing to the thread and dub a thorax that is twice the diameter of the abdomen.
Step Eleven
12. Leave some space behind the eye.
Step Twelve
13. Bring the Wingcase over the thorax and secure with 5-6 thread wraps.
Step Thirteen
14. Epoxy the wingcase with a drop of thick UV Fly Finish.
Step Fourteen
15. Harden the epoxy with a UV lamp. It only takes seconds.
Step Fifteen
16. Attach some fibers on each side of the thorax for legs. The legs should extend to about half the abdomen.
Step Sixteen
17. Trim off the tag ends of the leg fibers and secure with a few tight thread wraps.
Step Seventeen
18. Dub a small head and whip finish.
Step Eighteen
19. The finished Poxyback PMD Nymph.
Step Nineteen

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