Instructions: Poxyback Emerger, PMD

Tying Instructions: Poxyback Emerger, PMD

1. Debarb the hook by pressing the barb within the vise. Attach the hook to the vise and lay a thread foundation from the midpoint of the shank to the bend of the hook where the thread bisects the barb location.
Step One
2. Tie in Olive Brown Z-lon for a shuck, the length is about the same as the shank length. Keep this shuck really thin, you do not need much material and the ends of the shuck should be irregular of various lengths.
Step Two
3. Tie in a strand of Flat Pearlescent Mylar tinsel for the ribbing at midpoint of the shank and secure along the side of the shank with thread wraps to the base of the shuck. Return the thread back to the midpoint of the shank.
Step Three
4. Select a narrow segment of Turkey tail that is about 4-5 fibers wide. This will be the back of the dubbed abdomen.
Step Four
5. Attach a narrow segment of turkey tail to the top of the hook and secure with thread wraps to the base of the shuck. Apply the dubbing blend to the thread by twisting the material around the thread. Push the dubbing up the thread to the base of the hook shank and secure the fibers with one wrap. Once anchored, you can twist the dubbing into a tighter rope.
Step Five
6. Dub an abdomen ending about midway on the hook shank. Secure with a couple of thread wraps.
Step Six
7. Bring the turkey segment over the dubbed abdomen for a back and secure with 4-5 spiral wraps of the Mylar tinsel. Secure with thread wraps at the midway position. Trim off the tag end of the tinsel and turkey segment.
Step Seven
8. Select another segment of Turkey Tail that is about the same width as the hook gap.
Step Eight
9. Attach this section to the top of the hook shank behind the eye of the hook and secure with thread wraps to the end of the abdomen for a wingcase.
Step Nine
10. Attach some marabou fibers with a thread wrap around the marabou tips at the end of the abdomen.
Step Ten
11. Adjust the length of the tips so that they are about 1/2 the length of the abdomen by pulling on the base of the marabou. Then secure with a few tight thread wraps and trim off the base end of the marabou.
Step Eleven
12. Dub a thorax in front of the gills that is twice the diameter of the abdomen. Leave at least one eye length of shank bare in front of the thorax. Separate the marabou tips with half of the material pushed to either side of the shank so that there is room to bring the turkey segment over the thorax.
Step Twelve
13. Bring the Turkey segment wingcase over the thorax and secure behind the eye. Attach a small number of Z-lon fibers in front of the thorax for a wing. The length should be about the same as the shank length.
Step Thirteen
14. Attach a hackle just behind the eye by the butts.
Step Fourteen
15. Wrap the hackle 3 times and secure with thread wraps. Apply a couple of half hitches.
Step Fifteen
16. Trim off the tag end of the hackle and apply a drop of head cement to the the hitches behind the eye.
Step Sixteen
17. Apply a drop of UV Fly Finish Thick to the wingcase. Use a bodkin to spread the finish of the edges of the wingcase.
Step Seventeen
18. Use a UV Lamp to set the finish into a hard epoxy covering.
Step Eighteen
19. The finished Poxyback emerger, PMD
Step Nineteen

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