Tying Instructions: Pulsating Caddis

1. Slide the Gold Bead and 5 glass beads onto the shank. Bring them up to the eye. Attach the thread behind the beads on the midshank and wrap down to the middle of the hook bend.
Step One
2. Build up a small thread dam and slide the glass beads to the dam.
Step Two
3. Attach some buggy dubbing to the thread dam.
Step Three
4. Apply dubbing to thread loosely, or use a dubbing loop. I prefer to rope dub loosely . Beginning behind the rearmost bead, wrap the dubbing between the beads 2-3 times, stopping just in front of frontmost bead.
Step Four
5. A piece of velcro works well in pulling out the fibers. Smooth the fuzz back so it extends back beyond the bend of the hook.
Step Five
6.Dub a head of dark brown dubbing that is less thick than the glass beads.
Step Six
7. Tie in 6-8 woodduck fibers on each side of the dubbed head, tips pointing to rear, and extending to 3/4 the shank length.
Step Seven
8. Apply some additional dubbing to cover the woodduck tie-in areas. Whip finish.
Step Eight

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