Tying Instructions: Radical Caddis

1. Prepare the body by stringing three Glass Beads, Midge size, onto a piece of heavy monofilament. Melt the end of the monofilament enough to hold the beads.
Step One
2. Apply a drop of epoxy on the beads to encapulate into a teardrop body. I'm using Loon's UV Knot Sense which hardens under a UV Lamp or direct sun.
Step Two
3. Place a 3/32 Copper Bead on a TMC 2487 hook, size 14 or 16. Slide the bead up to the eye of the hook and wrap some 0.015 leadfree wire behind it to fill the cavity of the bead.
Step Three
4. Attach the thread to the hook shank and secure the leadwraps. Wrap the thread back to the shank where the thread will hang just above the barb of the hook.
Step Four
5. Place a small number of Ginger Z-lon fibers as an underbody at this tie-in position above the barb of the hook. The Z-lon should extend about a half of the gap of the hook from the bend. Secure the tag end with thread wraps. Step Five
6. Trim enough monofilament from the bead body to fit just behind the leadfree wraps. The front of the bead body should be at the tie-in position above the barb.
Step Six
7. Secure a small number of Brown Z-lon fibers to the top of the shank above the tie-in position in front of the bead body. These fibers should not extend much beyond the bead body. Trim the tag ends and secure with thread wraps.
Step Seven
8. Dub a small amount of Tan Hare's Ear Mask with Guard Hairs just in front of the bead body. This will cover the thread wraps and give the CDC plume some support.
Step Eight
9. Place a small CDC plume dyed Dun on the top of the hook shank in front of the Hare's Ear dubbing. Pull the tag end of the plume until the ends of the CDC are about at the midpoint of the bead body. Secure with thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Attach a piece of flashabou to both sides of the hook shank behind the copper bead. The flash should extend just beyond the bead body.
Step Ten
11. Dub a throax using Mercer's Buggy Nymph dubbing Amber Caddis and Peacock Ice Dubbing mixed together. Leave enough room for the collar.
Step Eleven
12. Tease the thorax material with a bodkin. You really want to make this buggy.
Step Twleve
13. Prepare a partridge feather by clipping off the tip and place it with the concave side down above the hookshank just behind the bead.
Step Thirteen
14. Pull on the partridge stem to adjust the length of the legs. They should not extend beyond the midpoint of the bead body or bend of the hook. Secure with thread wraps.
Step Fourteen
15. Attach three strands of Borwn Ostrich by it's base to the hook shank just behind the bead. Wrap 3-4 times and secure with thread wraps.
Step Fifteen
16. Whip Finish.
Step Sixteen

©2011 Steve Schalla
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