Instructions: Rogue Stone

Tying Instructions: Rogue Stone

1. Attach a needle to the vise and mount a piece of 3mm foam about 4" long and 1/4" wide in the center of the foam. Apply some thread wraps in front of the foam piece.
Step One
2. Slide the foam over the wraps and bring your thread forward to a position that you want the first segment to be. Fold the foam halves together and create the first segment with 3-4 firm wraps of thread. Open the foam halves and wrap the thread up the needle to the next segment position.
Step Two
3. Create about three segments as descibed above and secure the final segment with a couple of half hitches and a whip finish. Clip the thread and slide the foam piece off of the needle.
Step Three
4. Attach your thread to the rear shank of the hook and position the foam so that the last segment is just at the start of the bend. Wrap the thread over the third segment to attach the foam to the shank.
Step Four
5. Create additional segments of foam with the thread wraps also securing the segments to the hook shank. Finish the segmentations at about the 3/4 position. Step Five
6. Trim the foam taps and secure with thread wraps.
Step Six
7. Attach 10-15 strands of Krystal Flash or Super Hair just in front of the foam tie-in as an underwing.
Step Seven
8. A flat trimmed sheet of 1mm ethafoam is laid over the Krystal Flash and tied in at the 3/4 position.
Step Eight
9. Natural Brown Moose Tail is finally laid on top of the ethafoam for an overwing and also tied in at the 3/4 position.
Step Nine
10. Clip a bundle of Golden Brown Deer Hair and even the tips. Attach the deer hair for a bullett style head. The length of the tips should just reach the hook point when bent back.
Step Ten
11. Trim the deer hair butts and secure in front of the wing material. Try to overlap the butt sections of both the wing and the collar so that the tie-in area is fairly level. Secure the thread with some half hitches and cut the thread. Step Eleven
12. Attach the tan thread or floss to the 3/4 tie-in position and bring the deer hair back evenly. Wrap the thread around the deer creating a bullett style head.
Step Twelve
13. Tie in two pumpkin sili legs on each side of the collar wrap and whip finish. The legs shold extend just in front of the eye and just behind the body of the fly.
Step Thirteen

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