Instructions: Scud

Tying Instructions: Scud

1. Attach the hook to the vise and wrap 8-10 times over the shank with .010 lead wire. Keep the wire centered on the shank.
Step One
2. Attach the thread behind the eye of the hook and build up a tapered dam of thread in front of the wire wraps. Wrap the thread over the wire wraps and create another tapered thread dam behind the wire wraps ending at the bend of the hook where you want the body to start.
Step Two
3. Clip a number of Mallard Flank fibers, keeping the tips even. Attach the tips at the tail tie down postion where the body will start. I say "Tail" but these fibers acutally represent the antennae. Secure the Mallard Fibers along the top of the wire wraps and trim off the tag.
Step Three
4. Attach the monofilament to the bottom of the hook shank under the wire wraps and secure up to the tail tie-in position.
Step Four
5. Cut a point to the Scudback material. Attach the point of the scudback to the top of the wire wraps and secure with thread wraps to the Tail tie-in position. Step Five
6.Wrap the thread forward to the front of the wire wraps and attach a strand of thin pearlescent tinsel to the top of the wraps and secure down to the base of the body. Step Six
7. Apply the scud dubbing to the thread with a twisting motion around the thread. Push the dubbing up the thread until it just touches the hook shank. Step Seven
8.Wrap the dubbed thread around the base of the hook shank just one time to lock in the fibers. Now you can twist a little more firmly to achieve a thin noodle of dubbing. Step Eight
9. Wrap the dubbed noodle forward creating a tapered body and ending behind the eye, leaving some room to secure more materials behind the eye.
Step Nine
10. Bring the Pearlescent Tinsel over the back of the body and secure the tag end just behind the eye. Trim off the tag end of the tinsel and apply thread wraps to secure.
11. Now, bring the scudback over the back of the dubbed body and secure that tag end behind the eye. Notice that the Tinsel underneath represent the blood vessel you see on the naturals.
12. Finally, Spiral-wrap the monofilament forward about 6 times creating a segmented body. Pull down on the monofilament on each wrap to push the scudback into the dubbing for a good segment. Trim off the tag ends of monofilament and scudback.
Step Twelve
13. Apply a Whip Finish and trim off the thread. Step Thirteen
14. Use a section of velcro to catch the dubbing strands below the scudback and pull them out for legs. Step Fourteen
15. Do some trimming and this should be your finished scud. The Rainbow Scud Light Shade dubbing adds an element of color to the pattern with some reds, blues, and golds intermixed. Step 15

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