Instructions: Serendipity

Tying Instructions: Serendipity

1. Attach the thread about 1/4 the shank length behind the eye.
Step One
2. Attach the Body Material to the top of the shank.
Step Two
3. Secure the Floss with thread wraps to the midway point of the bend of the hook.
Step Three
4. Bring the thread back up to the 1/4 location behind the eye.
Step Four
5. At the midway point of the hook bend, twist the Floss very tightly and wrap a segmented body up to the tie in point.
Step Five
6. Select a clump of deer body hair and trim the tips and butts for about a 1/2" width. Spin the hairs around the hook behind the eye and secure with tight wraps.
Step Six
7. Pull all the fibers away from the eye and finish the thread head. Trim the hair head with a razor blade. A rounded head and angled cut at the back is the standard shape.
Step Seven

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