Instructions: Soft Hackle March Brown

Tying Instructions: Soft Hackle March Brown

1. Flatten the barb with the vise and attach the hook to the vise. Secure the thread a couple eye lengths behind the eye.
Step One
2. Select a bundle of Mallard Flank barbs and secure the bundle to the top of the hook shank. The length of the tail should be about 3/4 the shank length. Step Two
3. Secure a strand of narrow Gold Tinsel to the side of the hook shank. I'm using tinsel which has a silver and gold side. I need to anchor the gold facing the hook shank in order for the gold to show once spirol wrapped.
Step Three
4. Now wrap both the tinsel and the mallard flank to the bend of the hook with touching thread wraps. The final thread wrap goes between the hook shank and the mallard flank to lift the tailing fibers up.
Step Four
5. Dub the thread with the Superfine dry fly dubbing. Dub sparsely, we want a thin body. Twist the dubbing around the thread for a firm noodle. Step Five
6. Wrap the dubbed thread forward to the position that you started your thread. Step Six
7. Spirol wrap the tinsel forward with about 5 wraps and secure the tag end in front of the abdomen with thread wraps. Step Seven
8. Trim off the tag end of the tinsel and apply some more dubbing to the thread.
Step Eight
9. Wrap a tight ball of dubbing in front of the abdomen. This ball of dubbing will help support the hackle fibers from sweeping back. Step Nine
10. Select a partridge feather from the back of the skin that is sized to the hook. Remove the lower fibers of the hackle and sweep back those fibers you intend to use. This leaves a space between the fibers in which you can anchor the hackle to the hook shank.
Step Ten
11. With a couple of tight wraps, anchor the hackle to the top of the hook shank just in front of the dubbed thorax.
Step Eleven
12. The hackle provides 2-3 wraps to get the needed number of fibers. Anchor the bare quill of the hackle just behind the hook eye with tight thread wraps. Step Twelve
13. If done correctly, the natural sweep of the hackle itself will flow the fibers backward. If you use the thread to sweep the fibers back, it will deaden much of the life from the fibers. Anchor the hackle tag and trim. Create a small head and whip finish. Step Thirteen

14. The finished Soft Hackle March Brown.

Step Fourteen

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