Instructions: Sparkle Pupa

Tying Instructions: Sparkle Pupa

1. Attach the thread behind the eye and wrap a thread base to the start of the bend.
Step One
2. Antron Yarn is packaged as either a single ply on a card or spool or as a three ply yarn. The total amount of material necessary will usually be only about one ply. Blend about 1/4 ply of White Antron and mix the strands well. Comb the ply to separate the strands. Attach the end of the ply to the upper portion of the hook shank and secure with thread wraps to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3. Blend the underbody with the Antron/Superfine mix. This is applied to the thread by a "Touch" method. First, prepare the thread by applying a dubbing wax. Then prepare the dubbing mix by getting the material into 1/4 inch sections. Next, touch the dubbing to the thread and spread the dubbing to get an even amount. Gently, apply some pressure to the dubbing by twisting it around the thread.
Step Three
4. Wrap the dubbing evenly over the length of the hook shank stopping about one eye length behind the eye. Tease some of the dubbed fibers with a bodkin.
Step Four
5. Divide the Antron Yarn into two equal amounts, one on each side of the hook shank.
Step Five
6. Bring the material forward in front of the eye and grip the tag end just in front of the eye with your right hand. Without letting go, push the material back so that your grip is now behind the eye. With your left hand, bring the thread around the material with two soft wraps. Check the spacing of the strands and adjust as necessary. Now apply 2-3 additional wraps that are tighter to secure the material.
Step Six
7. Clip the tag end of the Antron yarn and secure with tight thread wraps. You should be able to see through the Antron Overbody or Veil and see the underbody.
Step Seven
8. Attach the hackle fibers to each side of the fly with a couple of thread wraps and adjust the length so that the hackles do not go past the end of the body. Then secure the material with 3-4 tighter wraps.
Step Eight
9. Clip the tag ends of the hackles and sure with thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Apply a small amount of Superfine dubbing to the thread. The will be for creating a head.
Step Ten
11. Wrap the dubbing and secure with a whip finish. Some strands can be picked out and allowed to trail the rear of the fly. This is the emerging shuck.
Step Eleven

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