Instructions: Quilled Spinner

Tying Instructions: Quilled Rusty Spinner

1. Insert hook in the vise and attach the thread in the middle of the shank. Wrap the thread to the bend of the hook above the hook barb. Build a small thread bump here. Step One
2. Select 5-6 hackle fibers from a spade tailing hackle. I am using Light Pardo CDL from Whiting. Step Two
3. The length of the tail fibers should be about 2-4 eyelengths more than the shank length. The bobbin in the picture is resting near the midpoint of the shank with a few widely spaced spirol wraps. I will unwrap those spirol wraps back to the thread ball at the bend of the hook once ready to lock in the tailing fibers. Step Three
4. Attach the tailing fibers at the tie-in position at the bend of the hook with a couple of tight wraps at the base of the thread ball. Note how the tailing fibers splay out from the ball.Wrap the ends of the tailing butts just beyond the midshank position. Step Four
5. Select a quill and clip the tip where the diameter is about equal to the hook shank. Step Five
6. Attach the quill stem by the tip to the top of the shank and secure the quill to the base of the tail and wrap forward to the 3/4 position of the shank.
Step Six
7. Wrap the quill with even wraps up to the 3/4 position and tie-in. Step Seven
8. Clip the tag of the quills and wrap a few more times securing the tag end. Apply some UV Clear Fly Finish to the quill to protect the quill from damage.
Step Eight
9. UV Fly Finish requires a lamp to cure the finish to a hard coat within seconds. Use the lamp for about 15 seconds. Step Nine
10. Select Dun Hen Neck Hackle Tips for the wings. The tips should be about two eye lengths greater than the shank length and the width should be equal to the hook gap. Step Ten
11. Tips should be back to back with convex sides together. Step Eleven
12. Prepare the tips by preening back the unneeded fibers and clipping those in the tie-in location. Step Twelve
13. Tie the wings to the top of the shank about 3 eyelengths behind the eye and straddle the butts on the hook shank. Lean the wings slightly toward you and take one turn of thread around the butts and tighten. Take a second turn and pull back on the wings as you roll them to the top of the hook. Three more wraps in front of each other will anchor the butts. Step Thirteen
14. Clip the excess tags of the wings and place some thread wraps behind the wings to stand them up.
Step Fourteen
15. With figure eight wraps, position the tips so that they lay horizontally. Bring the thread up in front of the wings and down behind the far wing. Position the wings by pulling the thread and take one turn of thread in front of the wings to lock them in place. Step Fifteen
16. Apply Superfine dubbing to the thread and twist to a slender rope. Apply a two wraps of the dubbing behind the wings.
Step Sixteen
17. Then, two wraps of dubbing in front of the wings. Finally, two figure eight wraps below the wings. Don not apply any figure eight wraps above the wings as this would cause some delta wing positions when you fish the fly. Whip finish and apply cement. .
Step Seventeen
18. Whip Finish. Step Eighteen
19. The finished Quill Body Rusty Spinner..
Step Nineteen

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