Instructions: Stimulator

Tying Instructions: Stimulator

1.Fix the hook to the vise and lay a thread wrap from the center of the shank to the tail tie-down position which is directly above the midpoint of the hook point and the barb. This thread area will be the body of the fly.
Step One
2. Cut a small clump of Elk Hair and clean the hair of underfur. Even the tips in a stacker and attach the clump as a tail at the bend of the hook. The tail length should be about 1/2 the shank length. Wrap the butt ends of the hair to the midpoint of the shank.
Step Two
3. Trim the butt ends of the Elk Hair at an angle and secure the thread wraps. Secure the hair with further wraps from the midpoint to the tail and back again.
Step Three
4. Attach a fine gold wire ribbing to the top of the hair bundle and secure the wire from the midpoint to the tail tie-in position.
Step Four
5. Apply dubbing to the thread and begin to dub from the tail tie-in position to the 60% position. Step Five
6. Wrap the dubbing forward to the 60% position.
Step Six
7. Attach a Ginger Hackle by the butt with the shiny side facing forward. Hackle should be sized for the hook with barbs not exceeding the hook point.
Step Seven
8. Palmer the hackle back to the tail tie-in position. Start with two turns of hackle at the end of the body, then proceed to the tail. The wire ribbing will lock in the end of the hackle and is wrapped forward, further securing the hackle to the body. Secure the tag end of the wire with a couple of thread wraps at the 60% position.
Step Eight
9. Prepare another clump of Elk Hair by cleaning the underfur and stacking the hair to even the tips. The wing should not exceed beyond the bend of the hook. Secure with some thread wraps at the 60% position.
Step Nine
10. Trim the butt ends of the wing at a slant cut. Apply some more thread wraps and check to see that the wing hairs are as tall as it is wide, without any hairs below the hook shank.
Step Ten
11. Apply thread wraps over the butt ends of the wing and form a taper with the thread, leaving enough room behind the eye.
Step Eleven
12. Attach a Grizzly Hackle by the butt so the shiny side faces the eye. Improve the taper of the thorax with some thread wraps, ending the taper just behind the eye.
Step Twelve
13. Apply the Amber Angora Goat dubbing to the thread by lightly rolling it around the thread. The fibers will interlock to hold in place.
Step Thirteen
14. Wrap the dubbing down the taper to just behind the eye. Leave about an eye length of space to finish the fly.
Step Fourteen
15. Palmer the hackle over the dubbed thorax with 3-4 wraps with the last wrap right behind the eye. Secure with thread wraps.
Step Fifteen
16. Finish the fly with a small tapered head and whip finish.
Step Sixteen

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