Instructions: St. Vrain Caddis

Tying Instructions: St. Vrain Caddis

1. Apply a thread base on hook shank and wrap to the bend of the hook..
Step One
2. Apply the fine dubbing to the thread by twisting the material around the thread. Anchor a few fibers to the the shank with 1-2 wraps. This will allow you to twist the material to a firmer noodle.
Step Two
3. From the hook bend, wrap a dubbing body to the 50% position with a reverse taper. A reverse taper will keep the hair wing from being forced up.
Step Three
4. Tie in a patch of Blond Elk Hair or bleached deer body hair so that the hair extends about 1/2 the hook gap. Trim the butts on a slant and cover with thread wraps.
Step Four
5. Attach one Ginger Hackle in front of the wing base.
Step Five
6. Wrap the hackle to one eyelength behind the eye. Tie off and finish with head. Whip finish.
Step Six

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