Instructions: Superfloss Rubberlegs

Tying Instructions: Superfloss Rubberlegs

1. Attach the hook to the vise. Add 20 wraps of 0.025" lead-free wire around the thorax region.
Step One
2. Attach the thread behind the eye of the hook and secure the lead wire wraps with thread. Lay a thread foundation to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3.Attach a 3" strand of Flexfloss to the top of the shank at the bend of the hook. (On attaching the flexfloss, fold the material around the thread and slide it to the position on the shank you wish to secure, then anchor with thread wraps over the material.)
Step Three
4. Clean the fuzz off the end of the Medium Chenille so that you can secure the thread core to the hook shank. Attach the Chenille to the bend of the hook where you attached the tail. Bring the thread up to just past the mid-point of the hook shank. This is the location you will attach the first leg section. Step Four
5. Wrap the chenille forward to just past the mid-point of the shank and secure with 1-2 thread wraps. Attach the first section of legs to the top of the shank and wrap each side of the flexfloss to the side of the shank so that they hang outward.
Step Five
6. Wrap the Chenille forward one wrap and attach the second section of legs.
Step Six
7.One more wrap of chenille and secure the third section of legs.
Step Seven
8. Attach the antennae section of flexfloss just behind the eye of the hook.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the Chenille forward and secure behind the eye of the hook. Whip Finish. Trim the legs, tail, and antennae to the length you prefer. Suggestion: keep the antennae and tails fairly short to avoid entanglement.
Step Nine

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