Instructions: Thunder Thighs Hopper

Tying Instructions: Thunder Thighs Hopper

1.Secure the hook in the vise and attach the thread behind the eye laying a thread foundation to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Prepare a 4mm thick piece of foam body. Laminate two sheets of 2 mm foam with Zap-O Foam Glue. I am using Flesh and Cocoa colored foam sheets. You can cut a tapered chernobyl foam body with either a foam cutter as shown or with an exacto knife. The size of the body should be about a hook gap in width and twice the hook length.
Step Two
3. A medium cutter is suggested for sizes 6-8. On a size 8, the foam width is a little larger than the hook gap. A little trimming will be necessary.
Step Three
4. Using a cutting mat trim both sides of the tapered body so that the width is equal to the gap.
Step Four
5. Hold onto these slices as they will work well for the thighs.
Step Five
6. Position the foam body on the top of the hook shank with the tapered end about one hook gap behind the hook.
Step Six
7. Secure the foam to the hook with 3-4 tight thread wraps.
Step Seven
8. Form a body segment by crossing the thread over the top of the foam strip and wrapping 2-3 times to create first segment. .
Step Eight
9. Advance thread back, on top of foam body, to create second body segment.  Form a second segment with 2-3 thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Advance thread to hook barb by criss-crossing thread forward over the two body segments so that the thread is back at the bend of the hook where you made the first segment. Advance thread forward, on the hook only, just in front of hook point.
Step Ten
11.  Next, bind down third body segment with 3-4 tight thread wraps. Advance thread forward, on hook only to just beyond 1/2 way point on hook shank. 
Step Eleven
12. Next, bind down foam hopper body with 3-4 tight thread wraps. Advance thread forward, on hook only, 1/2 the distance between hook-eye and body segment.  Try not to get too close to the hook eye because the rest of the hopper is tied in at this point
Step Twelve
13.Bind down foam hopper body with 2-3 tight thread wraps.
Step Thirteen
14. Apply some foam glue to the underside of the foam body anchoring the thread wraps and foam to the hook shank.
Step Fourteen
15. Shape a piece of 1mm tan foam for the wing of the grasshopper.  The wing is gap of hook in width and about 1 1/2″ long.
Step Fifteen
16.Trim out small notch in end of wing.
Step Sixteen
17.Tie in 6-10 strands of micro flash.  Trim so ends extend just beyond body of hopper. Bind down wing with 2-3 firm wraps of thread.  End of wing should extend to just beyond hopper body. Trim wing butts.
Step Seventeen
18.   Next, bind down a slice of orange foam for an indicator with 2-3 firm wraps of thread just above the wing. Trim off the tag end of the indicator.
Step Eighteen
19. Fold foam body over a small strip of black foam forming the bullet-head of the hopper.  Notice how the fold of foam extends beyond the eye of the hook.
Step Nineteen
20. Bind down head of hopper with 4-5 firm thread wraps.
Step Twenty
21. Trim the butts of body as close as you can.  Also, trim the black foam strip flush with the head of the hopper to form the eyes. 
Step Twentyone
22. Secure the butt ends with 8-10 further thread wraps. Side view of hopper.
Step Twentytwo
23. Prepare the thighs by trimming the slices made earlier with an angled cut.
Step Twentythree
24.Here are the two prepared thigh pieces with an angled cut to attach the legs.
Step Twentyfour
25. The legs are attached with an overhand knot and tightened around the point of the thigh slice. Do this to both thigh slices. Step Twentyfive
26. Apply a small drop of foam glue to the knot to secure from any slipping.
Step Twentysix
27. Tie in Thunder Thigh legs.
Step Twentyseven
28. After tying in both legs, trim butts of legs.
Step Twentyeight
29. Next, wrap over butts of legs with a few thread wraps.Tie in front legs of hopper.
Step Twentynine
30.   Cover any exposed thread wraps with dubbing.  Finally, lift up head of hopper, and tie off hopper behind hook eye.
Step Thirty
31. Completed Thunder Thigh Hopper. I dotted the bottom of the hopper with a Sepia marker for effect.
Step Thirtyone

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