Tying Instructions: Timberline Emerger

1. Attach the thread at the midpoint of the shank and lay a thread base to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Clip a segment of marabou from the quill. Try to use mature marabou which has plenty of fluff. The one used here is from the base of a body hackle of a Red Necked Pheasant Tail. The length of the tail should be about half the shank length. Secure the remaining material along the shank.
Step Two
3. Secure the wire ribbing to the bottom side of the shank ending at the tail tie-in position.
Step Three
4. Mix a blend of the dubbing, Antron and Haretron. Here, I'm using Possum, you could also use muskrat. Twist a small portion of the dubbing to the thread, bringing the material up to the tail tie-in position. Try to keep this material sparse as you will build a tapered body. I like to anchor a number of fibers with one turn, then twist the material around the thread enough to compact most of the loose material.
Step Four
5. Wrap the dubbing forward with a tapered body to the 80% mark of the shank. Clip off some of the long fibers.
Step Five
6. Wrap the ribbing forward about 5 turns with evenly spaced wraps.
Step Six
7. Prepare a brown neck hackle by folding the fibers so that they lay within a single plane. Attach the hackle just in front of the body with the hackle fibers flowing back towards the tail. Try to select a hackle in which the fibers just touch the point of the hook when swept back.
Step Seven
8.You'll only need about two wraps to get enough fibers to imitate the legs of the emerger. Keep the wraps tight and use your fingers to ensure that the hackle fibers flow back towards the tail.
Step Eight
9. I find that wetting your fingers will help to work the hackle fibers down and back. Use you bobbin thread to place several wraps at the base of the hackle to secure their sweeping position. There may be some obstinate fibers on top, so clip these off.
Step Nine
10. Select two Grizzly Hen Hackle tips. The tips should extend about 2/3 the shank length. They are to be downward and divided, with the curves facing each other. Match the tips and secure just in front of the hackles. Whip Finish and apply head cement.
Step Ten

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