Instructions: Royal Trude

Tying Instructions: Royal Trude

1.Attach 8-10 Golden Pheasant tippets for a tail. Keep the tips aligned. Tail segment should be about the length of the hook shank. Wrap the butts up to the midpoint of the shank.
Step One
2. Attach 3 peacock herls by the tips to the back half of the hook shank. Wrap the tips from the midpoint of the shank to the start of the tail.
Step Two
3. Wrap the herls around the bobbin thread and make a herl rope. Wrap the herl rope about 3 turns around the rear shank, undo the rope and secure the herl wraps.
Step Three
4. Tie in a strand of red floss and wrap the tying thread forward to a point about equivalent to 2/3's of the base thread wrap. Step Four
5. Wrap the red floss forward and back and forward again to assure a smooth body. Secure the floss segment with a few thread wraps. Create another herl rope with the herl tags from the first segment. herl.
Step Five
6. Wrap the second herl segment with 3 wraps of the herl rope and secure with thread wraps.
Step Six
7. Trim the herl and floss tags and wrap a thread base to the front part of the hook shank.
Step Seven
8. Clip a small bundle of calf tail and even the tips in a stacker. Attach the hair to the top of the shank directly in front of the second herl segment. A first loop around the hair bundle helps to keep the hair from working around the shank. The length of the hair wing should equal the hook shank. Step Eight
9. Trim the wing butts at an angle and secure the butts with thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Attach a brown hackle by the butt end directly in front of the wing. The fibers should be about 1 1/2 x's the hook gap.
Step Ten
11. Wrap the hackle to just behing the eye. Secure the tag end and trim excess. Complete the fly with a whip finish or a couple of half hitches.
Step Eleven

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