Tying Instructions: Tung Teaser

1. Attach the bead to the hook and slide the bead up to eye.
Step One
2. Secure your thread to the hook shank behind the bead and wrap to the bend of the hook for a thread foundation.
Step Two
3. Clip a pair of Goose Biots of the quill and oppose the pair so that they curve away from each other. Measure the tips of the biots so that they will be half of the hook shank.Attach the biots to each side of the hook shank securing with a couple of tight wraps at the bend of the hook.
Step Three
4. Wrap the thread forward over the butt ends of the biots securing the butts to the sides of the shank up to the thorax region. Clip off any excess biots.
Step Four
5. Attach a piece of gold ribbing along the side of the shank. Wrap the ribbing tight to the side of the shank to the bend of the hook.
Step Five
6. Apply some Arizona Synthetic dubbing to the thread, twisting the material around the thread in one direction. Push the dubbing up the thread until it touches the hook shank, then wrap once to lock the fibers to the shank.
Step Six
7. Once the fibers are locked in, you can twist the material around the thread to tighten the material to a more compact strand and start wrapping the dubbing strand around the shank building a slightly tapered body to the 70 percent point on the shank.
Step Seven
8. Spiral wrap the ribbing through the abdoment and secure the wire with thread wraps at the end of the abodmen. Clip off the excess wire.
Step Eight
9. Apply thread wraps over the clipped wire ends and wrap the thread back over the abdomen to about the 60 percent point. Attach a strand of Pearl Flashabou in front of the abdomen and wrap back to the 60 percent point.
Step Nine
10. Cut a slip of WingNThings that is about the width of the hook gap and secure that slip to the top of the hook shank behind the bead. Wrap the thread back to the 60 percent point.
Step Ten
11. Apply more dubbing to build a thorax that is about twice the diameter as the abdomen.
Step Eleven
12. Clip off two clumps of a dozen Partridge Fibers from two matching feathers and secure one clump of fibers to each side of the thorax behind the bead. The length of the fibers should not extend beyond the point of the hook.
Step Twelve
13. Clip off the butt ends of the partridge fibers and apply a thin strand of dubbing behind the bead forcing the fibers to extend backwards.
Step Thirteen
14. Pull the WingNThing slip forward over the thorax and secure with a couple of tight thread wraps behind the bead.
Step Fourteen
15. Next, pull the strip of flashabou over the top of the wingcase, centered, and secured with thread wraps behind the bead.
Step Fifteen
16. Clip off the excess WingNThing and Flashabou as close as possible at the bead and secure with a few more thread wraps. Whip Finish and trim off the thread. Apply a drop of thick UV Fly Finish to the wingcase and the back of the bead. Use a bodkin to distribute the finish evenly without touching the partridge fibers or the dubbing. Set the Fly Finish with a UV light for 30 seconds.
Step Sixteen
17. Finished Tung Teaser.
Step Seventeen

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