Instructions: Uncased Caddis

Tying Instructions: Uncased Caddis

1. Slip on a countersunk tungsten bead to the hook. Black is preferred. Attach the hook to the vise.
Step One
2. Wrap the .015" leadfree wire from the bead to the portion of the shank directly above the point. Jam the wire into the bead cavity.
Step Two
3. Attach the thread to the hook shank below the wrapped wire and secure the wire wraps to the shank with spirol thread wraps. Return the thread to just behind the bead.
Step Three
4. Attach a strand of Z-Lon to the top of the wire wraps just behind the bead. Secure with spirol thread wraps to the desired tail position just behind the barb.
Step Four
5. Wrap the thread forward to just behind the bead and secure a strand of monofilament to the far side of the hook shank and secure this strand with thread wraps to the tail tie-in position.
Step Five
6. Cut a slip of Fino Skin that is about the same width as the hook gap. Trim one end into a point and secure that point to the base of the hook just above the wire wraps. Secure with thread wraps over this skin to the tail tie-in position. Make sure you have secured this material just past the previous thread wraps or they will show when you pull over the material.
Step Six
7. Apply the emergence dubbing or trilobal antron dubbing to the thread and start a tapered abdomen.
Step Seven
8. Continue building the tapered body by applying more dubbing.
Step Eight
9. Finish the dubbing just behind the bead.
Step Nine
10. Attach a strand of Ostrich Herl just behind the bead and secure the herl for about 1/4 of the hook shank behind the bead.
Step Ten
11. Wrap the herl forward 3-4 times and secure the tag end behind the bead with thread wraps.
Step Eleven
12. Bring the skin material over the dubbed body and secure the material behind the bead.
Step Twelve
13. Apply a few more thread wraps behind the bead and trim off the excess skin material.
Step Thirteen
14. Wrap the monofilament forward with 7-8 spirol wraps creating some narrow segmentations to the body. There should be just one wrap through the Ostrich herl, creating two segments. Secure with thread wraps behind the bead and trim off the tag.
Step Fourteen
15. Wrap a narrow collar of thread behind the bead to cover the trimmed tag ends of the skin and mono. Whip Finish.
Step Fifteen
16. Trim off the Z-Lon for a small tuft.
Step Sixteen
17. Apply some black markings to the top of the skin on the first two segments behind the bead and over the legs.
Step Seventeen
18. The Finished Uncased Caddis, Green
Step Eighteen

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