Instructions: Yellow Humpy

Tying Instructions: Yellow Humpy

1. Lay a thread foundation , ending at the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Clip a bundle of Moose Body Hairs and even the tips in a stacker. Attach the fibers at the bend of the hook. The tail has to be exactly the length of the hook shank measured from behind the eye to the start of the bend. On attaching the tail fibers, start with loose wraps and get higher tension on the thread up to the midpoint of the shank. Trim the butts and tightly secure with thread wraps.
Step Two
3. Clip a bundle of Deer Hair and even the tips in a stacker. The Deer Hair needs to be exactly from the end of the shank, behind the eye, to the end of the tailing fibers. Trim the Deer Hair butts where the hair lines up at the shank end mark. Bring the trimmed butts up to the midpoint of the shank and secure with tight thread wraps. Wrap the entire bundle with thread up to the bend of the hook and bring the thread back to the midpoint.
Step Three
4. With your fingernail bring the deer hair fibers forward over the body area. Holding the tips of the fibers with your right hand, bring the thread over the midpoint and secure with some tight wraps. Control the fibers by lifting and pulling your right hand so that they remain on top of the shank and not around it.
Step Four
5. Lift the tips of the Deer Hair and lay 5-6 wraps of thread in front of it.
Step Five
6. Divide the tips in half and lay a thread wrap between them. Apply 3-4 X-wraps to help maintain separation. Taking one of the divided wings, wrap a post with 5 wraps of thread and then do the other one. Apply some more wraps in front of the tips to get them to stand vertically.
Step Six
7. Attach the hackles by the butts between the divided wings and secure with thread wraps both behind and in front of the wings.
Step Seven
8. Wrap one of the hackles forward with 3 wraps behind the wing and 3 wraps in front of the wing. Secure just behind the eye.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the second hackle the same number of turns as the first. Secure and trim the butt of the hackle. Wrap a small head and whip finish.
Step Nine

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