Instructions: Little Yellow Stonefly Nymph

Tying Instructions: Little Yellow Stonefly Nymph

1. Build a thread base on hook shank and attach two Golden Pheasant Tail Fibers extending 2/3's the length of the hook shank and tie onto the shank above the point of the hook. At the base of the tail, also tie a piece of 3" copper and a 1/4" wide strip of Golden Pheasant Tail Fibers for a shellcase.
Step One
2. Dub a body using yellow Hare-Tron. Start with a thin application at the base of the tail and increase the body thickness up to the 2/3 position on the hook shank.
Step Two
3. Bring the shellback over the dubbed abdomen and tie down. Wrap a copper ribbing with evenly spaced wraps and tie down. You can keep the copper wire from moving the shellback to the side by applying tension only above or below the shank, no tension from the sides.
Step Three
4. Attach the strip of 3/8" wide Mottled Turkey Tail as a Wingcase.
Step Four
5. Dub a heavy thorax with the Yellow Hare-Tron.
Step Five
6. Attach the legs on each side of the thorax with 6-8 fibers of Olive Mallard Flank. Adjust the length of the legs by pulling the tag ends of the mallard flank so the the legs are about 2/3's the shank length.
Step Six
7. Bring the wingcase over the thorax and tie down behind the eye.
Step Seven
8. Attach two Antennae using Pheasant fibers. The antennae should be about 2/3 the shank length and divided.
Step Eight
9. Whip-finish the head. Apply some head cement to the wingcase and shellcase and a drop of Super Glue at the butt of the tail to keep the tail divided.
Step Nine

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