Instructions: Zebra Midge

Tying Instructions: Zebra Midge

1. Slide bead over hook. The smaller hole against the eye.
Step One
2. Attach the thread behind the bead. Place the silver wire tucked into the bead and on top of the hook shank.
Step Two
3. Wrap the shank, with the wire on top of the hook shank, to the midpoint of the hook curve. Don't get too far down the hook curve as you want to keep the hook gap as large as possible.
Step Three
4. Wrap the thread with tight smooth wraps from the end of the body to the bead. You can add additional layers of thread if you need to build up the body thickness. Give it a gradual taper. I like these patterns as thin as possible.
Step Four
5. Wrap the silver wire forward with 5-6 evenly-spaced wraps and secure with some thread wraps behind the bead. Break off the wire tag by bending the wire back and forth until it breaks off at the shank.
Step Five
6. Apply some additonal thread wraps behind the bead to secure the wire tag end and to build up the space behind the bead. Attach a small strand of flash behind the bead as an attractor.
Step Six
7. Tie off, whip finish and apply head cement. Trim the flash so that it is about the same length as the hook shank.
Step Seven
8. Finished Zebra Midge.
Step Eight

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