Instructions: Zonker

Tying Instructions: Zonker

1. Smash down the barb of the hook and slide a bead to the eye of the hook. Wrap a few turns of lead-free wire to fill the bead void..
Step One
2. Secure the lead-free wire with some thread wraps and bring the thread back to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3. Clip off a section of zonker strip so that the tail is about 1-1/2" past the bend of the hook. The strip should be placed so that the front end will sit just behind the bead. At the tail tie-in position, separate the fur so that you can anchor the zonker hide directly to the shank with 3-4 tight wraps over each other.
Step Three
4. Dub the thread with the Lite Brite and wrap the dubbing forward to just behind the eye. At this point, you can add a wire frame made of copper wire, lead-free wire or heavy mono by securing the wire just behind the eye.
Step Four
5. Dub back to the bend of the hook. On this fly, I did not make a wire frame. If you had....then you can anchor the rear portion of the wire frame at this position.
Step Five
6. Slip a section of pearl mylar piping over the underbody. Bring the piping up against the tied zonker strip so that the unraveled pieces slip past the tie-in position. Secure with tight thread wraps just in front of the zonker tie-in.
Step Six
7. Secure the rear tie-in with some half hatches and clip the thread. Place the thread about 1/4" behind the bead and wrap about three times to secure. Tighten the piping so that the thread comes up to just behind the bead. Then secure with further wraps. You want a nice smooth body. That's one of the reasons I don't care for wire frames. ;-)
Step Seven
8. Bring the zonker strip over the body as tightly as possible and secure with some more thread wraps just beind the bead.
Step Eight
9. Now, trim any of the overflow material, the piping, the end of the zonker strip. These tag end can be hidden with thread wraps just behind the bead.
Step Nine
10.Attach a clump of marabou fibers to the bottom of the hook shank behind the eye for a throat. The marabou fibers should not extend beyond the hook point.
Step Eight
11. Finish the head with thread wraps. Tie off and whip finish.
Step Nine

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