Tying Instructions: Zug Bug

1. Wrap lead-free wire to weight the hook.
Step One
2. Secure with thread wraps over the lead wire and secure the tags.
Step Two
3. Attach 5-8 Peacock Sword tips. The length of the tail past the bend should be about one half the shank length.
Step Three
4. Tie in silver tinsel at the base of the tail.
Step Four
5. Attach 3 strands of Peacock Herl in front of the lead wire and secure with thread wraps to the base of the tail. Step Five
6. Create a chenille with the herl by twisting the material around the thread.
Step Six
7. Then wrap the chenille forward building a tapered body. Secure the herl about one eyelength behind the eye.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the silver tinsel forward about 3-4 wraps and secure behind the eye. Step Eight
9. Select an oversized hackle. Attach the hackle by the butt just behind the eye.
Step Nine
10. Wrap the hackle 2-3 times and secure.
Step Ten
11. Trim off some of the top hackle fibers and bring them around the shank on both sides with your fingers to secure with thread wraps. Wrap the thread over the fibers to get them to sweep back toward the bend of the hook.
12. Attach a Mallard Flank feather by the stem just behind the eye.
Step Ten
13. Trim the feather so that its length is about to the midshank. Finish with a threaded head. Cement and Whip Finish.
Step Ten

©2007 Steve Schalla
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