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BWO Iron Lotus

Iron Lotus
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Notes: Lance EganCreated by Lance Egan of Salt Lake City, Utah. Lance was a member of the US National Fly Fishing Team and has won numerous awards in both national and international fly fishing competitions. European style fishing, ie Czech Nymphing, has had much success within these competitions and our own competitors have adapted many of these technques to their own fishing style. The Iron Lotus is one of these patterns. Originally tied onto a TMC 2457 Scud hook, Lance often ties this pattern to a jig style hook such as a Hanak 400BL in #12-16 and onto scud type hooks in size 18-20. This serves as the "point" fly to the Czech Nymphing rig which bounces off the bottom of the stream. By utilizing a jig style hook, the fly will not catch onto bottom substrate as often since the hook point rides upright, resulting in a higher catch ratio. Since the jig hook rides with the hook pointing up, you might want to tie in the wingcase inverted as well, as I have shown in the PMD variation. The Iron Lotus has a thread body that is covered with a clear hard finish. This streamline design that is also weighted with leadfree wire and a Tungsten Slotted Bead will plummet to the bottom. The pattern is often tied in three colors, Olive Dun for BWO's, Rusty Brown for PMD's, and Olive for other Mayfly nymphs. It is a suggestive pattern with attractor features, such as the red thread "hot spot" that Lance ties behind the bead as a collar.

This chart will assist you in selecting the proper bead.


PMD Iron Lotus
PMD Iron Lotus

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Olive Iron Lotus
Rainbow Warrior Black

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