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Irresistible Adams
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Notes: Originated by Joe Messinger of Morgantown, West Virginia, this is an extremely high floating pattern that is considered a general purpose attractor. The first pattern was called the Deer Hair Drake and was later renamed in the 1930's to Irresistible. Joe sent one of the flies to his friend Ken Lockwood, an outdoor writer, who remarked, "I haven't used this one but it sure looks irresistible." The name stuck. Over the years it has spawned various color variations including; Adams, Black, Brown, White and Yellow. Many variations of the Irresistible have appeared since Messenger tied his first fly and the Adams Irresistible has become the most popular. There is a dispute over the origins of this variation of the Adam's Dry Fly. Harry Darbee of Livingston Manor, New York, came up with a very similar pattern in 1939 that he called the Beaverhead Bastard which was later renamed Rat Faced McDougal. These were generally tied on larger hooks for Salmon and Steelhead. His friend, Percy Jennings, asked Harry to tie the pattern onto smaller hooks upon which Harry suggested that Percy take on the challenge himself. Percy's daughter asked about the name of this pattern and Percy, realizing that "Bastard" would not be fitting, asked her to come up with one. She came up with "Rat Faced McDougal" and it stuck. Ideal for rough water, the Irresistible version of the traditional Adams pattern has added deer hair to make the pattern float better.  It can be used in a variety of waters, to imitate food items almost anywhere trout are found. It can also be tied in various sizes to represent either mayfly or midge adults.

The Irresistible works very well on our rougher, fast flowing waters within the Sierra. The spun deer hair body provides great floatability. A number of variations have been adapted to regional hatches, such as the Irresistible Oct Caddis. Other variations include a good attractor mayfly pattern with the Irresistible Adams and Irresistible Wulff . Small stoneflies, such as Yellow Sallies, can be fished with the Irresistible Yellow Stimulator in sizes 10-12. The Irresistible Stimulator Orange in sizes 6-10 is a good choice for golden stones and Salmonflies.
Irresistible Stimulator by Charlie Dickson. See tutorial: Irresistible Simulator


Irresistible Wulff
Loop Wing Adams

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Irresistible Stimulator, Yellow
Adams, Yellow Body

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Irresistible Stimulator, Orange
Adams, Yellow Body

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Irresistible, Oct Caddis
Irresistible, October Caddis

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