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Notes: Sierra Drifters Guide, Tom Loe, created his Loeberg as a variation of the Hornberg using a pair of Olive Mallard Flank wings with an overwing of a thin grizzly tip. The use of Guinea feathers for the wings is a nice variation to this fly. They have a broad sweep and the large dot patterns give the fly an attractor quality by it's contrast. Some of these feathers are pre-dyed into other colors but the white dots can also be muted into more subtle hues with the use of pantone markers. There is no inner wing to this fly. The jungle cock cheeks are substituted with Pearl Mylar Tinsel. The hackle is generally a Golden Olive, Silver Badger, or Brown. He prefers not to cement the wing tips but to leave them loose as was the original Hornberg. Also note the use of Red thread, particularly for the head. This is an old guide trick, as the red color can often trigger strikes and can simulate the gills of an alarmed baitfish. The Loeberg's are used to imitate the perch fry that inhabit the Crowley Lake and become a major food source to the trout during the late summer months and early fall.


Loeberg-Olive Guinea


Loeberg-Yellow Guinea

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