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Hogan's Military May, PMD
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    PMD Nymph
      Baetis Nymph

Hogan BrownThis pattern is designed by fly fishing guide Hogan Brown of Chico, CA . Hogan is a signature fly tier for Rio Products and has designed a number of flies that are marketed throughout flyshops in the United States. He is a prolific fly designer with over 30 named patterns. Since Hogan guides on the Yuba and Feather Rivers, many of his patterns have been tested within these waters. The Military May is a derivative of the S&M pattern but was inspired by the Zebra Midge. It has gone through a number of transitions since Hogan first introduced the pattern in the late 1990's. The basic form has remained the same but different elements have been added or changed. It is based on glass beads and thread colors. Hogan's inspiration was the thread midge patterns, such as the Zebra midge, utilizing different colors of glass beads. Changing either the color of the beads, the wire ribbing, the dubbed thorax, and the thread can provide the color necessary for different mayflies. Flashy and attractive elements can be added to the pattern. Hogan was greatly influenced by Bob Quigley where Bob would "dial the silouette of the fly, dial the look and match of the bug, and then, add all the rest of the elements." Earlier renditions of this pattern included a thread abdomen with a wire ribbing and a dubbed thorax with a flash wingcase. Hogan later added elements such as scudback for the wingcase and marabou gills with Mallard Flank legs to the pattern. There are basically three colors that Hogan concentrates on, a PMD (rust), Olive, and Black in sizes #16-20. The tailing fibers can be Mallard Flank, Teal, or Pheasant Tail. Like most guides, Hogan realizes that trout will not count the number of tailing fibers but wants to make sure that sufficient tailing fibers will remain upon use so that a tail will be represented even after you have caught your fourth or fifth fish on this pattern!



Military Mayfly - BWO
Military May. BWO
Materials: (to Order Material, click the link)


Military Mayfly - Black
Military May, Black


Materials: (to Order Material, click the link)


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