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The Morrish Hopper has the reputation of being one of the most effective foam hopper patterns ever designed. It wasn't easy to tie due to all the proportions and trimming of the foam. However, all of those consternations went out the window when River Creations marketed the Morrish Hopper cutter. Now, it is easy to get the exact proportions for many different sizes with both the body and the indicator. This pattern design has the right profile with a trimmed two tone foam body and rubber legs providing plenty of subtle activity to catch the attention of many trout. The weight and density of this pattern mimics real hoppers, so when you cast one out along a bank, the impact of the hopper on the water is very similar to the real thing.

The Moorish Hopper comes from the creativity of Ken Morrish, who also designed the Hotwire Caddis, Morrish May, the Anato May and the Morrish Mouse. Ken grew up in Northern California with a long generation of fly fishers within his family and started to tie flies in his preteens. Heavily influenced by Andre Puyans, Ken puts a lot of thought and care into the details of the pattern using a suggestive quality to his flies. Currently, Ken owns Fly Water Travel out of Ashland, Oregon and is a signature tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants.



Morrish Hopper, Olive/Chartreuse

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Morrish Hopper Purple/Pink

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Morrish Hopper Cocoa/Purple

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Morrish Hopper Tan/Pink

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Morrish Hopper, Tan/Yellow/Gold

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