Tiemco 100SP-BL


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This barbless Tiemco 100SP-BL  fly fishing hook is straight and has a super point.  The hook wire is heavier than the TMC100 but the Super point compensates to give the same holding ability. An excellent choice for Humpies and Elk Hair Caddis patterns when hunting big fish. Try the Tiemco 100SP-BL on your next Comparadun.

Tiemco is a Japanese manufacturer that started in 1984 and has quickly become a world leader in fly fishing hooks. They have more than 40 designs covering the needs of  innovative fly tiers. Made of high carbon steel and chemically sharpened.

Dry Fly, D/E, 1X Heavy, 1.5 Wide gape, Forged, Bronze. 25 per pkg.


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