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Sheep Creek Special
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Notes: The Sheep Creek Special, (aka the Biggs Fly) is a popular nymph pattern for stillwaters throughout the West. George Biggs of Jerome, Idaho created the original pattern in the 1960's for Sheep Creek Reservoir which is on the Nevada-Idaho border. George was an expert in stillwater flyfishing and was known to be very outgoing in assisting other flyfishermen. His success with this pattern became contagious. George passed away on Aug 2, 1997 at thte age of 90 years. It may represent a snail pattern or some other small aquatic insect. Use a floating or intermediate line and let it sit, particularly in skinny water. Provide some movement to the pattern at intervals. Has proved to be a great pattern for Davis Lake and Frenchman's Reservoir. Often a fine gold ribbing is used within the orginal pattern but some variations are tied using a Red, Yellow, or Orange Floss ribbing and a Peacock Herl body.


Sheep Creek Special, Red
Loop Wing Adams



Sheep Creek Special, Yellow
Adams, Yellow Body




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