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Bead Chain Bead Eyes

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bead eyes

$2.00 pkg.


Sizes: Large, Medium, Small
Colors: Black, Gold, and Silver

These metal bead chains for fly tying are popular for bass and streamer patterns. They will not tarnish and will not overweight the fly. A couple of tips for tying bead chains: Place the eyes under the hook shank if you want the pattern to present itself normally, If the eyes are placed on the top of the hook shank, it may be enouigh weight to turn it upside down. Another tip is to cut off the bead eyes from the chain once a few thread wraps have secured the eyes to the hook shank. Adjust the horizontal position of the eyes with figure-eight thread wraps and apply some horizontal wraps under the eyes between the hook shank. A drop of cement should lock the eyes in. The approximate bead sizes are 4.1mm for large, 3.2mm for medium and 2.4mm for small. The length of chain in the package is about 10".