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Beaver Dubbing

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Hemingways Beaver Dubbing

Nature's Spirit Beaver Dubbing
$3.00/ pkg


Colors: PMD, BWO, Olive, Gray Olive, Brown Olive, Rusty Spinner, Light Cahill, Pale Yellow, Sulphur Orange, Brown, Callibaetis, Muskrat Gray, Hendrickson, Claret, Black, March Brown, Tan

Nature's Spirit Beaver dubbing is one of the finest natural fur dubbings for dry flies. This dubbing is extremely bouyant and water resistant. It is carefully dyed to achieve the hues necessary to accurately duplicate colors sought by discerning fly tiers. Easy to use and will spin on your thread for any size of dry fly. See Color Chart.




Nature's Spirit Beaver Dubbing Dispenser

Nature's Spirit Beaver Dubbing Dispenser
$19.95/ pkg

Colors: Pale Morning Dun, Blue Wing Olive, Olive, Rusty Spinner, Sulphur Orange, Brown, Muskrat Gray, Caddis Creen, Claret, Black, Tan, Purple

See Color Chart.