Cross eyed coneheads

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Cross-eyed Coneheads

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cross-eyed coneheads

$5.25 pkg of 10

XES 1/4"
XEM 3/8"
XEL 7/16"

Types: Black and Nickel
Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 7/16"

These are large coneheads that are drilled to securely hold 3D or tape eyes with zap-a-gap. You can, also, fill with paint or epoxy. Use 1/8" (2mm) 3D eyes for 1/4" cones, 3/16" (3mm) 3D eyes for 3/8" cones, and 7/32" (3.5mm) 3D eyes for 7/16" cones.