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Daiichi 1870 Swimming Larvae Hook

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Daiichi 1870


$7.50 per 25 count Size 6-14

Swimming Larvae Hook. York bend, up-eye, 2X heavy wire, 3X long curved shank.  Great for swimming nymphs, larval insect patterns; Sizes 6 - 14.

Dr. Gary Borger conceptualized and helped to create the design for this hook.  It is an improved version of the swimming nymph hook (1770) and features 2X-heavy wire.  The gentle york bend facilitates the use of beads for bead head nymphs.  The design of this hook is truly unique because the eye of the hook is lower than the spear and point of the hook.  As a fly rides upright in the water,  this allows for a better jigging action when the fly is retrieved with short, jerking motions.  Larger sizes give life like appearances to leeches, crayfish, and stonefly nymphs.