Danville Thread

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Danville Flymaster 6/0 Thread

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Danville Flymaster Thread

$2.40 per spool


Colors: Tan, Black, Brown, Fire Orange, Orange, Gray, Olive, Light Olive, Red, White, Yellow, Fl. Green, Wine

Prewaxed , 200 yard spools. A flat fine nylon thread with low bulk, good for medium flies of size #10-18, particularly when you want to lay down a smooth underbody or thread body flies. Probably the most widely used thread in the world. Nylon usually has about 25 percent stretch but Danville 6/0 is partly woven providing only a little stretch. A binder strand is twisted around the main core of nylon fibers to keep the strands from fraying.The thread has excellent thread positioning control and can be split with some effort. Lays moderately flat, is moderately strong, having a silky smooth finish and a glossy sheen. Nylon threads allow dubbing to slide more than polyester threads, like Uni Threads, and while still perfectly usable for dubbing, you should expect poorer adhesion due to a slicker thread. Denier is 70 with a .038 mm diameter and a breaking strength of 312 grams. Excellent color selection. See Color Chart.