Double Barrel Popper

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Surface Seducer Double Barrel

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Surface Seducer Double Barrel

$4.50 pkg


Three Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium
Four Colors: Black,Chartreuse, Orange, White

The Double Barrel design of the Surface Seducer comes from Flymen Fishing Company. This company has come up with many innovations and the Surface Seducer is another addition to the world of "poppers". No longer do you have to deal with stiff balsa or hard foam bodies. These poppers have a deeper front cup for a louder pop and a large top lip that can create a bigger splash. These popper utilize a soft foam core with a smooth, strong outer skin. The recessed sockets give the popper good eye retention, particularly with larger eye sizes. Hint...if you turn the popper around, the head can take a different dimension from popper to streamer.