Double Pupil Lead Eyes

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Double Pupil Lead Eyes

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flat eyes

$3.50 pkg


Sizes: Small (4mm), Medium (4.8mm), Large (5.5mm)
Colors: Black with White & Black Pupil, Black with Yellow & Black Pupil, Yellow with White & Black Pupil, Red with White & Black Pupil

The Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes are vibrant colored eyes that are ideal for fly tying large patterns such as warmwater Clouser Minnows. Double Pupil Lead Eyes are hand painted with multi-colored pupils to give more life to streamer patterns. The dumbbell shape allows you to tie on the hook with cross-thread wraps. These eyes are front heavy and when you slack and tighten your line, they will produce a ducking and diving action in the water. You can also tie the eyes onto your hook upside down so the hook points upwards, this will help stop your fly snagging the bottom of the water bed. The eyes can be used to also add additional weight to your fly and then cover them up with other materials on your fly. Multiple colors and sizes. 10 eyes in each pack.