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UV2 Dyed
$3.45 per pkg

Colors: Black, Brown, Natural, Olive, Insect Green, Gold, Charcoal Gray

Emu feathers are similar to ostrich in appearance but much more durable. The filoplume texture of the feather helps to produce very nice shaggy bodies, gills, collars, legs, and tails on both dry flies, wets, nymphs, emergers, and more. Often, Emu is used for gills or tails on Hex Nymphs. Can also be used on streamers for creating a life-like lateral line. The dyed Emu feathers are treated with both UVF and UVR coatings, called UV2 by Spirit River. UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colors which allows fish to see flies at greater distance in most water conditions. UVR is the reflective UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye, but is very visible in the animal and insect world.. The feather has dense barbs from the base to the tip. At the base the barbs are soft and fluffy, while within the middle the barbs are soft but not fluffy. The barbs at the tip tend to have an elastic, waxy appearance. Choose the section of the feather to achieve a desired result. Below is a photo of a grammarus pattern using the tips of the emu feather for legs.