Kileys Exo Skin

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Kiley's Exo Skin

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Exo Skin

$5.45 per pkg


Colors: Black, Black Blue, Black Chartreuse, Brown, Metal Copper Black, Frog Skin, Golden Tan, Grey Holo, Olive Rust Orange, Rusty Orange

The Hareline Kiley's Exo Skin is an innovative and adaptable material for a huge range of fly types. A mix of small to large mottled color patterns on this material make it look very natural. The first color in color combinations is the mottling and the second color is the background color, ie Black Blue. Single colors have mottling of darker and paler shades, ie Brown. The texture and colour combination of each Exo Skin resembles something that you'd see in nature. The Exo skin is a sheet of rubbery material that can be cut to any shape your heart desires for an unimaginable number of combinations and is adaptable to everything from tails to nymphs, claws, backs and feelers. See Color Chart.
Comes in a 4 x 6 inch sheet