Firehole Sticks 551

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Firehole Stick 551

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Firehole Stick 551

$7.25 per 36 ct Size 6-18


Heavy Jig hook 60 degree bend, barbless
The 551 is a 1X long hook with a 2X gape. It has a 60 degree down eye and is formed from a heavy weight wire. The 551 is a heavy jig hook. It is specifically designed to allow upsizing beads without impeding the gape opening. This is acheived by extending the tyable shank length by one size (1XL) of "standard" as well as increasing the gape by two sizes (2X) of "standard." With respect to the Firehole 516 this hook is 1XL with an additional gape size.  Made of high strength carbon steel which is hardened and tempered. The hook is chemically sharpened and finished with a black nickel coating. Firehole Sticks are packaged in a polypropylene plastic box (2.4" x 1.8" x 0.6") which is designed so that boxes can be connected together side-by-side for storage purposes. Each box contains thirty-six (36) individual hooks, unless otherwise noted. Each box is labeled front and back. The front label indicates the hook model, size, shape and sizing descriptors. Available in sizes #6 to #18.