Flat-End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes

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Flat End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes

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Flat-End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes

$6.50 per pkg


Four Sizes: X-Small (3/32"), Small (1/8"), Medium (3/16"), Large (1/4")
Black Nickel, Gold, Silver

Tungsten hourglass eyes are 150% heavier than lead and over 200% heavier than brass beads. Use these eyes on your flies and they will sink much faster than with traditional brass hourglass eyes. Add a realistic touch by adding 3D Holographic eyes, such as Fish Skull Living Eyes, to the flat ends of the hourglass with a drop of Zap Gel.The shaft on these eyes is offset to allow them to sit even with the hook shaft. 12 pieces per package. The eye diameters are 3/32" for x-small, 1/8" for small, 3/16" for medium and 1/4" for large.