Rabbit Strip

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Frostip Rabbit Strip

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Frosttip Rabbit Strips

$4.50 each.


Colors: Black/Chartreuse, Black/Fuchsia, Black/Olive, Black/Orange, Black/White

Rabbit hide strips are also known as Zonker Strips. There are two types of strips, those cut length-wise and those cut across the skin. The length-wise strips are usually attached along the length of the hook shank while the cross-cut strips are wrapped around the hook shank, which can be really good for collars. They are great for streamer patterns as the fur will collect water and sink. These strips are bleached on the tips and then dyed creating a stimulating mottled effect. Two sizes: 1/8" wide - 4 10" strips per package, 1/4" wide - 3 10" strips per package.