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Tyers Glass Beads

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Glass Beads

$1.75 each

TGBA Midge
TGBB Small
TGBC Medium
TGBD Large

Colors: Irr. Crystal, Irr. White, S/L Silver, S/L Gold, TR Red*,S/L Red**, Orange, TR Root Beer, Irr. Caddis Green*, Irr. Caddis Yellow*, OP. Black
Sizes: Midge 1.3mm (sizes 18-24), Small 2.0mm (sizes 12-18), Medium 2.8mm (sizes 8-12), Large 3.5mm (sizes 8 to larger)
*Available in Midge and Small sizes only **Available in Medium and Large only

Tyers Glass Beads in four sizes to match the hook size. Eco-friendly without leaving metal within the streambed. Used mainly for body coloration and segmentation. Hareline Tyers Glass Beads are an outstanding fly-tying material for tying flies, emergers, and nymphs. A single bead at the head of the fly, which diffuses light and refracts sparkle, can make a significant difference in the amount of strikes per day as well as the veracity of strikes. Transparent Red, Caddis Green and Caddis Yellow are available in Midge and Small Sizes only. S/L Red is available in Medium and Large only. (Irr) stands for irridescent, (S/L) Silver-lined, (TR) Transparent, and (OP) Opalescent. Midge contains about 200 beads per pack, Small 100 beads per pack, Medium 50 beads per pack, and Large 20 beads per pack ,.