Golden Pheasant Skin

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Golden Pheasant Tails

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Golden Pheasant Skin

Dyed Center Tail
5-6" Piece



Colors: Olive Brown, Rusty Orange, Golden Yellow, Muskrat Gray, Golden Brown, Claret, Natural

Nature's Spirit Golden Pheasant Dyed Center Tail Piece is a 5-6 inch segment giving you an economical way of having a full color specturm at an affordable price. The tail segments are great for wingcases, especially in natural for golden stonefly nymphs, or knot a few fibers for hopper legs. Try wrapping for nymph bodies to make a great mottled effect! 

The skins and heads are no longer available as they are a product of China and the Chinese government has denied any exportation of skins to the United States. We can still get plumage.