Hareline Half Rooster Capes

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Hareline Rooster Half Capes

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Hareline Half Capes

$18.00 each


Colors: Black, Brown, Cream, Dun, Ginger, Grizzly Bleached, Grizzly Brown, Grizzly Chartreuse, Grizzly Dun, Grizzly Hot Orange, Grizzly Hot Pink, Grizzly Natural, Grizzly Olive, Grizzly Purple, Grizzly Yellow, Light Dun, Red

Hareline has really moved into the hackle market once Keough Hackles bought the company. They are marketing Rooster Half Capes at a very affordable price. These are quality half capes with sizes from 6 to 24. You will find those "hard to find" small hackles up around the neck for nymphs and dries. Many of the small hackles are stiff for a good dry fly selection. The lower webbier feathers make great feather wings for streamers. Best of all, the half capes come in 7 solid colors and 10 grizzly dyed colors as well.